Links to accurate reporting, including Trump's past tax records (remember those) and acts of espionage, include:

1.  Scott Dworkin

2. David C. Johnston

3. Jimmy Williams  

4.  Adam Khan

5.  Col Morris Davis

6.   Kurt Eichenwald 


​More added as discovered.

     Dangerously Incoherent

Curiously, the outrage over commuting the sentence of "spy"  Chelsea Manning - (from Republicans and some Democrats) doesn't extend to Trump, who has long committed acts of espionage, freely reported in Europe (BBC) but not generally reported in U.S. media.  Look for that to change, due to the individuals below.  

Trump has been named in over 169 federal lawsuits and 3,500 total.

Trump largely attacks the low, to middle class.

Shouldn't that tell people something?  :)